[ { "title": "Verification of portable consumer devices", "publication_date": "2011/20/01", "number": "08827154", "url": "/2011/01/20/verification-of-portable-consumer-devices/", "abstract": "Apparatuses, methods, and systems pertaining to the verification of portable consumer devices are disclosed. In one implementation, a verification token is coupled to a computer by a USB connection so as to use the computer's networking facilities. The verification token reads identification information from a user's portable consumer device (e.g., credit card) and sends the information to a validation entry over a communications network using the computer's networking facilities. The validation entity applies one or more validation tests to the information that it receives from the verification token. If a selected number of tests are passed, the validation entity sends a device verification value to the verification token, and optionally to a payment processing network. The verification token may enter the device verification value into a CVV field of a web page appearing on the computer's display, or may display the value to the user using the computer's display.", "owner": "Visa International Service Association", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "unknown" } ]