[ { "title": "Encryption key exchange system and method", "publication_date": "2011/07/02", "number": "09002018", "url": "/2011/02/07/encryption-key-exchange-system-and-method/", "abstract": "The present invention is a computer-implemented key exchange system and methods for improving the usability of encryption technologies such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). One aspect of the present invention includes registering users, verifying user identity, and classifying users such that the users may send a communications such that communication recipients can verify the user identity and classification of the communication sender. Another aspect of the present invention includes users initiating relationships with other users, approving the establishment of relationships, and exchanging encryption keys between users after the establishment of a relationship.", "owner": "Sync Up Technologies Corporation", "owner_city": "Danville", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Method for inspecting a physical asset", "publication_date": "2011/25/01", "number": "09064290", "url": "/2011/01/25/method-for-inspecting-a-physical-asset/", "abstract": "A method of inspecting a physical asset using a mobile computing device is disclosed. Data regarding the asset and its condition is collected on the mobile device by a user, and may include photographs, audio or video recordings, text or other types of data. The data is automatically annotated with the current time and the geo-location of the device. The data is transmitted to a server and saved in a manner such that it may not be modified. This allows for auditing, as well as tracking of the asset over time by comparing data entered at one time with data entered at another time. Reports may be automatically generated from the saved data when desired. Pre-defined fields for data entry may be presented for ease of use. In some embodiments, the asset being inspected is a building, house or apartment.", "owner": "JKADS LLC", "owner_city": "Walnut Creek", "owner_country": "US" } ]