[ { "title": "Automated method and system for collecting and reporting API performance profiles", "publication_date": "2011/11/01", "number": "09027000", "url": "/2011/01/11/automated-method-and-system-for-collecting-and-reporting-api-performance-profiles/", "abstract": "A method to measure the performance of an Application Programming Interface (API) includes selecting a target API and tracking memory allocation for the functional calls of the selected API to generate a list of functions called by the API. The individual functions are then called within the API in isolation and timing and memory allocation data for each are collected and recorded. The recorded results are then bucketized according to a log base 2 method and made accessible by API users to indicate the performance of specific APIs.", "owner": "Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC", "owner_city": "Redmond", "owner_country": "US" } ]